Appendix A - FreeWX Variables and Functions

This Appendix contains a summary of the Variables and Functions that are Specific to the FreeWX implementation of GhostWriter. For a complete list of GhostWriter Variables and # Functions please refer to the GhostWriter Help Documentation.

Configuration Variables
$FreeWXDir Directory where FreeWX and its Almanacs are stored
$FreeWXDate The Date of the day that FreeWX is currently accumulating
$FreeWXRollover When the FreeWX Day rolls over
$FreeWXWebComment The Web Comment that FreeWX Displays
$TempUnits The Units that Temperature is stored in
$RainUnits The Units that Rain is stored in
$WindUnits The Units that Wind Speed is stored in
$BarUnits The Units that Barometric pressure is stored in

@Date Date Function Relative to $FreeWXDate
@Trend Function Returning the Trend Description for a trend Value
@Forecast Function returning the Forecast for the forecast value

Current Condition Variables
$OutdoorTemperature Outdoor Temperature
$OutdoorHumidity Outdoor Humidity
$IndoorTemperature Indoor Temperature
$IndoorHumidity Indoor Humidity
$Barometer Barometric Pressure (Sea)
$BarometricTrend Barometric Pressure Trend
$DewPoint Dew Point
$HeatIndex Heat Index
$WindChill Wind Chill
$WindGustSpeed Wind Gust Speed
$WindGustDirection Wind Gust Direction
$WindAverageSpeed Average Wind Speed (over 1 minute)
$WindAverageDirection Average Wind Direction (over 1 minute)
$RainfallRate Rainfall Rate
$Forcast ForCast
$WetBulbTemperature Wet Bulb Temperature

Daily Almanac Variables
$MaximumOutdoorTemperature Maximum Outdoor Temperature
$MaximumOutdoorTemperatureTime Maximum Outdoor Temperature Time
$MinimumOutdoorTemperature Minimum Outdoor Temperature
$MinimumOutdoorTemperatureTime Minimum Outdoor Temperature Time
$MaximumOutdoorHumidity Maximum Outdoor Humidity
$MaximumOutdoorHumidityTime Maximum Outdoor Humidity Time
$MinimumOutdoorHumidity Minimum Outdoor Humidity
$MinimumOutdoorHumidityTime Minimum Outdoor Humidity Time
$MaximumDewPoint Maximum Dew Point
$MaximumDewPointTime Maximum Dew Point Time
$MinimumDewPoint Minimum Dew Point
$MinimumDewPointTime Minimum Dew Point Time
$MaximumIndoorTemperature Maximum Indoor Temperature
$MaximumIndoorTemperatureTime Maximum Indoor Temperature Time
$MinimumIndoorTemperature Minimum Indoor Temperature
$MinimumIndoorTemperatureTime Minimum Indoor Temperature Time
$MinimumWindChill Minimum Wind Chill
$MinimumWindChillTime Minimum Wind Chill
$MaximumHeatIndex Maximum Heat Index
$MaximumHeatIndexTime Maximum Heat Index Time
$MaximumRainfallRate Maximum Rainfall Rate
$MaximumRainfallRateTime Maximum Rainfall Rate Time
$MaximumBarometer Maximum Barometric Pressure
$MaximumBarometerTime Maximum Barometric Pressure Time
$MinimumBarometer Minimum Barometric Pressure
$MinimumBarometerTime Minimum Barometric Pressure Time
$MaximumWindGustSpeed Maximum Wind Gust Speed
$MaximumWindGustTime Maximum Wind Gust Time
$MaximumWindGustDirection Maximum Wind Gust Direction
$Rainfall Amount of Rain
$DaysSinceLastRain Days Since Last Rain
$LastRain Amount of Rain for the Last Rain Day